Your funeral should not be your families debt

Funeral insurance is important to help your loved ones cover the costs of your (sometimes unexpected) funeral service. Funerals and their surrounding costs are expensive. Give your family peace of mind with a comprehensive cover that is suited to their needs should you suddenly pass away.  Whilst the future can’t be predicted you can enjoy today knowing that, should the unexpected happen, you have planned ahead.

Alleviating your family’s stress and financial burden when you pass away isn’t the only reason to arrange funeral insurance for your funeral costs.

  • Immediate cash pay-outs mean that your loved ones aren’t having to foot the bill while they are grieving
  • Your family can focus on celebrating you because you already took care of the hard, stressful part
  • In the event of death being accidental there is an additional pay-out to assist with the unexpected nature of the situation
  • The unique feature of funeral insurance is that you will definitely use the cover you pay for, it’s only a matter of being prepared for when it is needed

The great news is, you have plenty of options to compare before choosing the cover that suits you and your family. Funeral insurance is a financial commitment that is guaranteed to pay out in the future, so take the time to research and select a plan that suits your specific situation. Pay-outs can include expenses for embalming, the casket or coffin, a funeral home or church viewing and service. Others might include additional expenses like floral arrangements, vehicles for transportation of the body, the opening and closing of the grave, a headstone, and even an obituary in the newspaper. These expenses can add up significantly and leave your loved ones with a hefty bill whilst they are still mourning your passing.

Funeral insurance should be considered at every age. Death can be unexpected and unexpected large payments are the most stressful. You may be 25 or you may be 75, but, regardless of your age there’s time to plan for the inevitable (or unexpected) and investigate funeral insurance on behalf of your loved ones. Regardless of your age you will be able to choose a one-time or recurring payment for your cover, tailored to your needs. Planning your funeral cover sooner in life means that you don’t have to worry about cost later on, and you can relax and enjoy your twilight years. It also means that your family won’t have to worry in the event of your unexpected passing.

Funeral insurance is an investment in your family’s peace of mind should you pass away. This could happen at any age, but with forward planning you can choose funeral cover that is catered to your needs and the needs of your loved ones. Having the cost of your funeral already taken care of leaves your family the space and peace they will need to mourn your passing and celebrate your life.

Peace of Mind Funeral Insurance

  Lump sum payment

  Guaranteed acceptance for Australian residents aged 0 – 80

 Flexible payment options

  No lock-in contracts

  No lock-in contracts